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For years Your Roofing Company has been a leading provider of roofing, ceilings and partitioning. Much of the success of the company can be attributed to its passion for building, pride in its work, and commitment towards building strong relationships in the marketplace. The result is a powerful and streamlined organization, and extended supply chain, that effectively integrates staff, customers and suppliers. Numerous relationships span generations.

The company is organized to address the needs of a wide range of markets which are presented, for ease of use, as follows: Residential & Small Scale, Commercial & Industrial, and Specialised & Large Scale.

The Residential Roofing and Residential Ceiling departments focus on small scale installations, typically within the residential sector. The Industrial Roofing and Commercial Ceiling & Partitioning (C&P) departments attend to the requirements of the Industrial and Commercial markets.

Your Roofing Company has developed capabilities within more specialised areas too, like timber frame construction, heritage works, asbestos removal and re-roofing, and large scale projects. Large scale projects undertaken in Joint Venture with other companies are in many instances administered by Your Roofing Company, as the brand is synonymous with trust and integrity.


Your Roofing Company & Co was founded. It began as a trading company, importing Dutch clay roofing tiles from premises in Strand Street (at a princely monthly rental of 3 pounds and 10 shillings). Before long, demand for the company's products and services led to the establishment of what is arguably the oldest roofing and ceiling contracting company.

Your Roofing Company grew from strength to strength, contributing to some, 's most prominent buildings. The company grew rapidly over the next few decades and, to accommodate their rapid expansion, the company Your Roofing Company is currently situated.

Quality Assurance

Your Roofing Company incorporates the balanced scorecard model to evaluate performance at every level within the organisation. The four pillars used to measure performance are:





Scoring is measurable wherever possible. External safety practitioners are commissioned to audit active Your Roofing Company sites and customer service questionnaires are used to elicit feedback from customers with respect to quality and service.

All company procedures and service levels are documented in the form of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and Service Level templates.

At Your Roofing Company, safety comes first. The company invests in compliance, innovation and training on an on-going basis. The points below demonstrate the company's approach and commitment to health and safety:

Each site has a site specific safety plan that incorporates method statements, risk assessments, methods to mitigate risk, and a fall protection plan. Systems and procedures are in place to ensure that the plan remains a live system in that concerns are identified and actions implemented minute by minute to alleviate risk and ensure safety.

So now that you know so much about us we hope to hear from you soon. We are truly passionate about all that we do. We are the best for a reason, you can find out that reason for yourself.

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